Advanced storage and object safeguarding systems + EUN Logic® content management software

Creating Smart Spaces

Scalable and adaptable systems to each space and function for optimal management.

EUN Sistemas, prepared for now and the future. 

Optimised spaces and intelligent storage

Optimised spaces and intelligent storage.

EUN storage and safeguarding systems are based on years of development and experience. An experience to which we add technology for optimal use and management of each object our systems safeguard.

Our products assure peace of mind for our clients.

Our products assure peace of mind for our clients.

The contents, the belongings and the data are all safe. Our systems incorporate security measures against theft, power cuts, and data loss. We guarantee maximum security for the persons operating with the Mobile storage Systems.

Integration with design and adaptation to interior distribution. We ensure maximum use of the space.

Thanks to the versatility and flexibility of our systems we can provide optimal use of space considering its function. This aspect distinguishes us; we offer the most adequate solution for each architectural space.

We guarantee maximum security for the persons operating with the Mobile storage Systems.

The contents, the belongings and the data are all safe. Our systems incorporate security measures against theft, power cuts, and data loss. We guarantee maximum security for the persons operating with the Mobile storage Systems.

Our range of products covers all needs for storage and safeguarding of objects and their management.

Storage Systems
Locker Systems
Hanging Systems

600 Storage Systems

Scalable system for maximum use of space. High level of personalisation for different types of objects.

610 Storage System
620 Mobile Storage System
630 Double Decker Storage System


Resistance and durability for maximum reliability.

Possibilities of integration of access control systems, registry of users, and illumination.

Active security using photocells and microprocessors to detect the presence of obstacles independently of their size.

The large range of accessories provide versatility to EUN storage systems.

Wide range of finishes and colours.

610 Storage System
Solution for spaces where there is no need to optimise areas for safeguarding objects.

620 Mobile Storage System
Optimal solution for reduced spaces and/or high cost per m2.
Silent displacement for shelving modules.
Increases by 150% the space capacity for safeguarding objects

630 Double Decker Storage System
Maximum optimisation of space at heights.
Optimises the architectural project costs by not requiring works for the construction of a second floor.
Increases by 300%  the space capacity for safeguarding objects

400 Locker Systems

This modality provided maximum facility to design locker areas according to the use and function of the area where they are to be located.


High quality materials and robust construction ensure durability and high performance in the most demanding environments. 

Modular design: blocks of 1, 2, 3, and 4 compartments in combination of 1, 2, 3, and 4 doors height.

Customisable finishes and different materials provide a wide range of design possibilities: metallic structure, rears, and doors of waterproof melamine.

Use and management: from areas with a reduced number of users to installations with a large quantity of traffic that require a shared use of lockers: Consult the locking systems and data management options.

Interior accessories: hooks, hangers, USB power chargers, etc.
Dry and humid atmospheres.

200 Hanging Systems

With dustproof structures without vibrations, to obtain optimal care of objects.

210 Wall Grids Hanging System
220 PullOut Frames Hanging System


210 Wall Grids Hanging Systems that are located on walls or installed as space or area separators.

220 PullOut Frames Hanging Systems that include removable rails, optimising the use of space and protecting the objects. With dustproof structures without vibrations, obtaining optimal care of objects. Individual drawers have the possibility of being protected by the locking system against unauthorised access.

The objects are placed using the hooks designed to assure careful positioning dynamically and safely. The click system assures the hook in the desired position.

Accessories: Locking systems with different levels of security, trimmings, and thermo hygrometers for precision control of environment temperature and humidity.


EUN Logic is created to be integrated with all our systems providing an ideal solution for space and content management.


Space management perfectly adapts to each area and situation. It recompiles data according to use and is personalised to user and administrator requirements. It can operate independently or integrated into any client management system. 

EUN Logic can interact automatically, like for example regulating the temperature of an area automatically by activating systems for opening passageways.  It can also open lockers when security circumstances require it, etc.

Immediate traceability, consultation, and localisation of content. 

The data from our clients is always safeguarded, independently of the environment where the system is implanted.

It provides personalised statistics and reports.

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